280C-1 SpireCapture Series Concentrator

280C-1 SpireCapture Series Concentrator

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280C-1 SpireCapture Series Smart M-Bus Concentrator

Introducing the 280C-1SpireCapture™ Series M-Bus Concentrator.

The 280C-1 Smart M-Bus Concentrator is a member of the 4th generation of
concentrators from Spire Metering Technology. Compared to other variations, the 280C-1 provides an intelligent gateway to link an M-Bus network with a data center through various communication methods including RS232, RS485, Ethernet, GPRS wireless and BACnet. The device includes an optional second uplink port which can link an M-Bus network to both an AMR system and BMS at the same time. This allows an Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) system to read utility meters for billing purposes and allows a BMS system to access the same utility meters for security and property management purposes. An M-Bus system is a simple two-wire bus system, widely used in utility metering. It is not only reliable, but also easy and
economical to implement.

An M-Bus system consists of an M-Bus master, in this case the M-Bus
concentrator, and many utility meters with an M-Bus interface called slaves.
The 280C-1 is a powerful M-Bus master able to discover many slave meters connected to the M-Bus port and assign a unique M-Bus address to each meter automatically. Based on a preset schedule, the 280C-1 can read all slave meters automatically and save data to the large internal storage. The saved data is non volatile and will remain in
memory, even after a power outage. The 280C-1 can also act as a power supply for the slave meters, so they are able to save battery. Furthermore, the 280C-1 can be set to transparent mode, allowing it to be used as a transparent level converter.