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State-of-the-Art Clamp-on Transit-Time Technology

Fully featured for non-intrusive accurate liquid flow measurement. Guaranteed lowest price!

RH20 Handheld Ultrasonic Flowmeter is one of the most powerful flowmeters available for liquid flow measurement. The utilization of our proprietary ultrasonic signal processing, transit-time measurement and signal quality tracking technologies allows the flowmeter to measure liquid flow rate from outside of a pipe reliably and accurately.

RH20 is carefully designed so that it is very compact and easy to use. You can use one hand to hold as well as to operate the flowmeter. The user interface is self-explanatory and very easy to follow. The unique clamp-on fixture design makes the installation very simple and no special skills or tools required.

Spire Metering offers StufManagerTM PC software for data logger download and to explore the full potential of RH20 flowmeter.

RH20 Handheld Ultrasonic Flowmeter 

Spire Metering is proud to present the smallest yet powerful portable flowmeter /BTU meter on the market!

Our innovation never stops! This Handheld Ultrasonic flow and BTU meter, RH40, is a revolutionary portable meter with numerous features and powerful functions. It is the most compact and mobile portable flow/BTU meter on the market. The meter is completely portable and relies on clamp-on sensors to effectively perform non-invasive flow and thermal energy measurements. This yields major advantages, such as no pipeline disturbance, no pressure loss, and most importantly no process interruption.

Using the patented signal processing technology that demonstrated its robustness and data measurement repeatability, the portable meter offer a highly accurate and reliable measurements. The meter user interface is self-explanatory and simple to follow. The unique strap-on fixtures for both the ultrasonic transducers and the temperature sensors make the installation hassle free and no special skills or tools are required.

The RH40 handheld unit has a rechargeable battery allowing the user to measure flow and energy for more than 8 hours. A built-in data logger memory of up to 2GB gives the user the flexibility of using the meter for data-logging and data-analysis. The RH40 also offers a bluetooth interface to connect to a computer or a PDA wirelessly.

RH40 is the best choice for flow survey, meter verification, energy auditing, pump checking, HVAC and energy balancing, facility management and other demanding flow and energy monitoring applications.